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  • Mixing Bowl TM5


    Ever wish you had more than one Thermomix®? Here’s the solution. Improve your culinary game with an extra TM5 Mixing Bowl!

    The set includes the stainless steel bowl with handle, bowl base, mixing knife, lid with seal and measuring cup. By doubling up on these essential parts you can now multi-task your Thermomix® to produce even more dishes.

  • Cook-Key®


    The most innovative kitchen assistant on the market now comes with Cook-Key®, a wi-fi attachment that along with a Cookidoo® membership unlocks more than 41,000 recipes from around the world with just a few clicks.

    While your Cook-Key® is on its way to you, register for a free 30-day trial on the US Cookidoo® recipe platform and start browsing, selecting favourites and exploring the world wide treasure trove of Thermomix® recipes. Then register your Cook-Key® in your Cookidoo® profile and receive an additional six months free membership! That is a total of seven months of free, unlimited access to every delicious, success-guaranteed Thermomix®-tested recipe available in the world.

  • Mixing Knife TM5


    Mixing Knife for the Thermomix® TM5. Includes Mixing Knife seal. How can one set of blades chop vegetables, turn sugar into powdered sugar, mill grains, emulsify, keep spaghetti in one piece and knead a perfect yeast dough? Well, just watch.

    Notice: Be sure to always securely lock your mixing knife and its sealing ring with the mixing bowl base to help prevent liquid from damaging your Thermomix®.

  • Sous Vide Chef Set


    Enjoy preparing a culinary masterpiece with the Thermomix® Sous-vide mode. Cook meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and fruit according to your preferences, and enjoy perfect results every time. Sous-vide is a precise, gentle method of cooking: food is placed in a water bath, protected by a food-safe air-tight bag, and cooked at a controlled temperature. Cooking the food in a sealed bag locks in all of the ingredients’ flavour and nutritional benefits. Thermomix® can control the temperature in 1°C increments, allowing for better accuracy in your cooking.

  • Mixing Bowl Lid


    Mixing bowl lid with seal for the Thermomix® TM5 and/or TM6

  • Varoma Lid


    Varoma lid for the TM5.

  • Varoma Tray


    Varoma tray for the Thermomix TM5®. This tray is used when steaming foods on the upper level of the Varoma.

  • Varoma Dish


    Varoma dish for the Thermomix® TM5 and/or TM6.

  • Thermomix® Cookie Stamps


    Stamp and bake Thermomix® cookie designs with this Thermomix® Cookie Stamp Set. Include handle and 4 different stamp patterns.

  • Mixing Bowl Base TM5


    Mixing bowl base TM5.

    Notice: Be sure to always securely lock your mixing knife and its sealing ring with the mixing bowl base to help prevent liquid from damaging your Thermomix.

    *Compatible with any Mixing Bowl TM5 production date.

  • Simmering Basket TM5


    Food cooked in the simmering basket is held clear of the rotating blades – for perfect steaming or boiling.

    Helps to keep delicate ingredients from breaking down while cooking. Holds up to 29 ounces of potatoes and 13 ounces of dry rice.

    Tip: Use the hook of the spatula to take the simmering basket out of the mixing bowl when it is hot.

  • Thermomix® Cookie Cutters (3-pack)


    Cut and bake Thermomix® shaped cookies with this Thermomix® Cookie Cutter set. Three different sizes included.

16 results