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  • Simmering Basket TM5


    Food cooked in the simmering basket is held clear of the rotating blades – for perfect steaming or boiling.

    Helps to keep delicate ingredients from breaking down while cooking. Holds up to 29 ounces of potatoes and 13 ounces of dry rice.

    Tip: Use the hook of the spatula to take the simmering basket out of the mixing bowl when it is hot.

  • Thermomix® Cookie Cutters (3-pack)


    Cut and bake Thermomix® shaped cookies with this Thermomix® Cookie Cutter set. Three different sizes included.

  • Measuring Cup TM5


    The TM5 measuring cup. Note that it is designed to sit loosely in the hole of the mixing bowl lid to help prevent food getting stuck between it and the mixing bowl lid. The hole lets air escape when emulsifying e.g. mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce.

  • Spatula TM5


    The Thermomix® spatula is perfectly shaped to fit between the blades and the wall of the mixing bowl. A smart design and multiple uses make this an essential component?of the Thermomix® TM5.

    Notice: Do not touch the sharp edges of the blades of the mixing knife with the spatula to keep the soft part in pristine condition.

    Tip: Use its hook to remove a hot simmering basket.

  • Butterfly Whisk


    The specially designed Thermomix® butterfly whisk is perfect for preparing sauces and mousses, whipping egg whites and cream, or for making your favorite butter. Note, that the butterfly can only be used up to speed 4.


  • Sealing Ring for Mixing Knife


    Sealing ring for the Thermomix® TM5 and/or TM6 mixing knife.

    Notice: Always use your Thermomix® with the sealing ring attached to the mixing knife which helps prevent liquid from damaging your Thermomix®.

18 results